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About Us

Just Action is a registered Greek NGO which was founded in April 2020 in midst of the COVID-19 lockdown and the days of yet other fires in the camp. Sit back and watch was not an option. It was about time to take some action.

In Just Action, we're dedicated to changing the approach.

Our aim is to create a sustainable impact for both refugees and locals.

Luckily, we are deeply rooted in local knowledge, with one of the two founders being even born on Samos. We believe that you get further if you understand things from the perspective of the local communities as well.

That's why we decided from the very beginning that we stand with everyone. Whether they live across the street, in the refugee camp or on the other side of the island. It's important for us to help wherever it's needed and to act from an understanding of how connected the struggles of the different communities are.

While most of our projects are focused on the refugee camp, we acknowledge that many locals are struggling as well.

' We become just by performing just action, temperate by performing temperate actions,
brave by performing brave action' (Aristotle)

Our Focus

We aim to provide immediate support to the most vulnerable communities on the island of Samos. For us it's all about action. Our core focus is food security, access to hygiene, transportation support and emergency response.

We run a Free Food Market, where we provide food & hygiene packs to the ones who need it the most, refugees and locals alike. Some of our service users are in need of a nutritional boost due to malnutrition, for others it is not possible to get food from the camp or to buy food themselves. We aim to offer food security to the most vulnerable people on the island, to make sure that everyone has access to proper nutrition.

Besides our food and hygiene support, we have engaged since October 2021 in transportation support to camp residents. As the old Vathy camp closed in September 2021, we decided to remain open in town and to provide bus tickets to all our service users that live in the Closed Controlled Access Center (CCAC) in a remote hill area of Samos.

Finally, we are always standby for any emergency relief we can provide. This includes distributions of tents, blankets, food, water, hygiene and clothing. During our first six months of operation we provided instant response to nine emergencies on the island.

Our Vision

Just Action aims to promote sustainable collaboration and understanding between the refugee community and locals on the island of Samos. It is important for us to acknowledge the difficulties both communities go through and to bring people together, even if the context is challenging.


For regular updates regarding our activities, follow us on social media

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