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Environmentally conscious?

We acknowledge that our social responsibility does not overshadow the importance of our environmental impact. We must be conscious in our approach and ensure that we are constantly thinking about how to be as sustainable as possible, in all aspects of the organisation. In doing so, we have phased out our plastic bags and replaced them with reusable tote bags that can be used time and time again (check out our social media to see how this is coming along!). We actively reach out to local suppliers to inquire if they have any products that will expire in the coming month, as we distribute a lot of food monthly, we can get these out (often much quicker than the supplier) and prevent potential food waste. We also take great pride in only purchasing vegan items for our food packs. We thrive to push our environmental responsibility beyond the shop, and we are currently in the process of developing our own local organic vegetable garden and compost system - aiming to integrate fresh, healthy and local produce into our packs!

But we know we can do better and consequently this is an area of the organisation that we are actively working to improve. We are always open to suggestions so please feel free to get in touch!

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