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10,000 masks from just action at the Karlovassos Health Center

(Published on the 01/03/2021 by SamosPress)

It is true that the ministers repeat it, and all the talking heads of the television repeat it, emphasizing that there are scholars and scholars Non-Governmental Organizations on the islands. And as always, they are roughly divided into good and bad.

No one disputes that many of them operate with the ultimate goal of easy profit.

But no one should overlook the work of some other NGOs, which replace the Greek state and the rule of law and care not only for immigrants, but also for Greeks.

One of them and we have mentioned it in the past, takes care all this time to distribute food in all the villages of Samos, in collaboration with the Presidents, as well as in Karlovasi, bringing every fortnight more than 130 bags with enough food, the which the community of Karlovasi distributes to our earthquake-stricken and distressed fellow citizens.

It is Just Action, which was set up by locals of Samos and which once again stood up to the circumstances by delivering today 10,000 masks to the Karlovassos Health Center for the needs of the staff. At the same time, a few days ago, he delivered 11,250 masks and 300 liters of antiseptics to Vathi.

Also 2000 masks and 100 liters of antiseptics in the nursing home of Samos ..

With the new law, the authorities just want to get rid of the unwanted NGOs, but let them not overlook at least the important work of some of them.

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