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At the height of the circumstances once again the Samian NGO Just Action

(Published on 11/12/2020 by SamosPress)

Through another act of love and charity, the NGO Just Action distributed food in Karlovasi, strengthening the less-favored social groups and aiming to improve their living conditions, by providing all possible assistance.

This is the fourth time that this Samian NGO distributes food and basic necessities to our distressed fellow citizens in Karlovasi, but also throughout Samos, continuing to keep pace with the new data of today and responding to the needs of the inhabitants of the island.

In order to maximize the protection of the beneficiaries who participated in the distribution, all possible preventive measures were implemented against the spread of coronavirus - covid 19, according to the instructions of the National Agency for Public Health, while in the near future another large number of food will arrive in Karlovasi, but also in many villages of our island.

The head of the NGO, one of our Sami children, every time he distributes food, he comes in contact with Social Welfare, asking for information from people who are facing problems, and based on these situations, he proceeds with his associates in the distribution.

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