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Not all NGOs are the same

(Published on the 12/10/2020 by SamosPress)

It is true that most NGOs in recent years have come into focus.

In the field of Non-Profit Organizations, good intentions are a good start, but they are not enough for an equally good follow-up.

For some, NGOs are almost entirely responsible for refugee flows and the way and quality of managing the issue. For others, they are simply helping and replacing an entire state at a time when the issue is raging, in the refugee camps.

The NGOs that acted both in the outbreak of the refugee-immigration crisis and in its next phase made serious mistakes, but without their assistance the management of the crisis that had taken place would not have been achieved.

Of course, we should not demonize all NGOs.

The right and real NGOs are doing an important job and need to be strengthened.

But those who have set up in recent years, under the legal cover of NGOs, for-profit or criminal organizations must be tackled and finally put a brake on the humanitarian trade that is unfolding in the Aegean islands.

There are several NGOs operating in Samos, but recently another one has been created, which, however, has a big difference with the rest.

It was created by Sami people, who do not separate people.

They take care to provide several species to the immigrants in need, but they also stand by the Samians, whom they take care of with special love, quietly and with a great deal of humanity.

It's Just Action , which a few days ago made sure to distribute to Pagondas 50 bags full of various items to our distressed fellow citizens in collaboration with the local community of the village. This was the trigger for us to highlight her important work so far.

And while they operate for a few months in Samos, their work is great.

From July and every month (2 times a month) they give 204 food packages in Vathi, Karlovasi, Mytilene, Pythagorion, Ag. Constantine, Chora and Koumaika.

From May until today, they provide full support with the necessary food needed to support the 270 families registered there.

In May they offered toast breads, flour, tomato paste, sugar, pasta, sunflower oil, sardines, milk, rice, salt, beans, potatoes, onions and tea. in large quantities.

In June they provided full coverage of food needs. In September they gave 140 kilos of lentils, chickpeas, rice, beans, fava beans.

Since July, they support the rural world of the island, buying agricultural products that are distributed to locals and immigrants.

And the activities of Just Action do not stop here, since in April they collected 80 garbage bags in front of the KYT, as people who love their island.

In May, they cleaned the area in front of the KYT that was used as a makeshift camp after the big fire. 300 garbage bags total in 3 hours.

From June, the road in front of the KYT is cleaned, 3 times a week until September 15, when the KYT was restricted.

Other activities.

April. Water and croissants were given to the Fire Service during the fire in KYT.

May. Sharing clothes, shoes, blankets, sunglasses, water cans, toys, diapers, camping chairs to 55 people in the Roma camp in Karlovasi.

July . At the Samos police station donation, shampoo, soap, blankets, towels, antiseptics, for the detainees.

Also in July, they gave antiseptics to the fire service, police department, and Samos port authority.

August and September gave 2000 masks to KYT.

End of September . Water and cookies in the fire department after the fire that broke out next to the KYT.

And these are only for the locals.

They have been supporting more than 2,000 immigrants every month in need of food, clothing and sanitation.

Of course, at the height of the refugee flows, many organizations "saw the light and entered." But this does not mean that they are all the same. NGOs have the opportunity to make a difference by meeting the need of both their funders and their management team for more transparency and accountability. And until today Just Action is making a difference in Samos and we hope it will continue to do so.

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