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Thanksgiving of the Municipality of West Samos

(Published on 26/11/2020)

A letter of thanks for the support of the earthquake victims was issued by the Municipality of Western Samos.

The letter in detail:

With this letter, the Municipality of West Samos would like to thank, with fervent gratitude, all of you who offered for free, others your services and other essential goods, clothing, accommodation equipment for the earthquake-stricken citizens and families of our municipality and contributed substantially , in the context of social contribution and solidarity in the local community.

Appreciating, in particular, your contribution to the difficult period we are going through, due to the earthquake of October 30, and acknowledging your contribution to the success of the collection of various items, we consider it our duty to thank you publicly for your valuable help in strengthening our effort. in the care of our fellow citizens.

Specifically, we would like to thank the following:

Mr. Giatzoglou Emilios Vassilios - Wholesale Trade of hygiene supplements, Marneri Bros Ltd., RED 7 TERROR Chios Club, Antonis Malliri - Insurance, E FRESH PRIVATE COMPANY –Retail Trade of fruits and vegetables, Petro Syrito VET Ltd., "No Fasting" Movement Rhodes, the KYADA OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF ATHENS, Kaliakadis Christodoulos - Educational Group of Maroussi, the initiative of residents of Kalamata, Ptolemaida and Milos, ART EVOLUSION Politos Sy "I Pyxida", Diogenis of the Olympic Village, cobra AFC, 6th Kindergarten of Elefsina, Tallaros Thomas & Co. OE. KOS, the company VERMANTIA PRODUCTIONS, Municipality of Ilio, the 2nd Primary School Arsakeio Psychiko and the Association of Parents and Guardians, Kavalaraki Office, Giannopoulou Schools, Doctors Without Borders, Meletiadis company, Hellenic English Education, Solidarity Pharmacy of the Municipality of Patissia, A 'Arsakeio Gymnasium and Lyceum of Psychiko, Hellenic Guiding Body and the Α.Τ. Karlovasou, Municipality of Filothei Psychiko, 4th GEL KERATSINIOU, Zouroudis, 13th Kindergarten of Acharnes, Metaforiki Velisariou Emmanouil - Kos, Anagennisi Thrakomakedonon, Galanaki Sylonas An .EP., Association of Volunteer Blood Donors of Leros, Cultural Traditional Dance Association of Mykonos, Pancretan Association of Volunteer Blood Donors and Organ Donors "Hematokriti", SKLAVENITIS, Municipality of Kifissia, Aimoleos 4th Primary School of Egaleo, DIGEA, Municipality of Chania.

Receipts continue and our donors are multiplied daily from every corner of Greece and the world, each putting his own link in this chain of love.

In this struggle of collective work, our allies are all the citizens who, from the first moment, voluntarily threw themselves into the struggle for the support of our fellow human beings.

We congratulate you and thank you warmly on behalf of all of us, because your offer is touching, your support is undivided and your love is unlimited!

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