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The NGO just-action distributed food and personal hygiene items in Lekka

(Published on the 06/04/2021 by SamosPress)

Food, long-lasting items and personal hygiene items were distributed today to 60 families in Lekka by the NGO just-action and which will be distributed based on a list by the President of the village Mr. Costas Mathios, who was waiting for the NGO people at the entrance of the village. who were then taken to the community store to leave them there.

Our actions will continue, the NGO people told us, by distributing food to our fellow human beings throughout the coronavirus crisis and in order to help alleviate families most affected by the effects of the pandemic.

In consultation with the President of the village, they promised to bring basic necessities to the village at regular intervals, thus facilitating our earthquake-stricken and distressed fellow citizens.

The treatment of the police, who are at the entrance of the village 24 hours a day and who facilitated the people of the NGO to enter the village and head to the community store, was impeccable.

At the same time, with great courtesy, they stopped the drivers of passing vehicles and informed them about the measures in force, without creating any problem for the residents of the area. Finally, according to the president of the village, a list has been given to the police officers with residents of Lekka, who maintain holiday homes with parcels and animals and are allowed to visit them for an hour.

All the residents are also trying to comply with the health protocols and to comply with the measures, hoping in the next few days the virus will be reduced and the village will be quarantined.

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